As a CEO, how would you rate your decision making?

How do you do when it comes time to be decisive? When you have to make a tough decision, are you prepared and confident to make the decision proactively, or do you, like many leaders, take too much time and draw out the process pondering the imponderables?  Several months ago, I caught a quote I really like in an unlikely place:

“People worry too much about making the wrong decision when what they should really worry about is not making any.”

Henrietta “Hetty” Lange

NCIS Los Angeles

Well in life, and especially in business, tough decisions are not easy.  As a CEO or the president of the company you have to be confident and capable when it comes time to implement those decisions. Tough decisions usually come from situations, issues and opportunities that represent tough choices. And when we find ourselves as business leaders and executive decision makers faced with tough decisions we need to act and act reasonably quickly with purpose and focus. This is an important component of successful leadership. Leadership involves planning and the ability to anticipate, to see around corners. 

Now without beating the drum of the ant vs. the grasshopper there is something to be said for preparation and planning. Preparation is invaluable when it comes to CEO decision making. Leadership skill development and confident decision making are two key objectives of the investment we make as members of a Business Leadership Peer Advisory Board.  The members of a board meet regularly to support each other in making and implementing the tough decisions that will make a positive difference in the strategic success of their companies.

When a great opportunity presents itself or a crisis is looming, the board is already familiar with the member’s business and can effectively and efficiently help the member sort through the dynamics of the situation and then take action with confidence and a focus on results.

What is your experience?  How do you bring confidence and efficiency to your decision making process?

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