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When I ask business leaders “Do you have a vision for the future of your business?” the answer is “Of course!” But when I ask to look at the plan, all too often it turns out that it has never been put in writing. Or if there is a written plan, it hasn’t been updated for several years.

Any business will be more successful if there is a plan in place, against which progress can be measured toward longer term objectives. This can be a straight-forward, simple and focused document.  However, without its structure and balanced leadership, change and growth will be slowed or absent altogether.


Putting the whole plan together on your own, while you are immersed in running your business day-to-day, can be a daunting, time consuming task. Objective and experienced guidance from outside the organization is the key to crafting a workable, effective strategic plan.

That’s where Business Solutions Advisory Group can help. With over 25 years of successful, hands-on general management experience, we understand that planning and execution are the keys to long-term business success. There are several key questions that the business team can answer in the planning process that will focus change efforts and dramatically improve results.

Through our proven strategic planning process, we help companies build, communicate and implement a well thought-out, straightforward strategic plan that puts them in a position to uncover and seize new opportunities and accelerate growth.

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