Case Studies & Client Testimonials

Avoiding an Expensive Mistake

A Business Solutions client proposed to purchase the business for which he worked from the (more or less) absentee owner. Following Charlie’s lead, a business plan was developed including a financial model that could be used to obtain the financing necessary to effect the acquisition. A major issue was the owner’s expectation of the value of the business.  A Business Solutions Advisor Group associate, highly skilled in business valuation, was utilized to develop a defined range of fair and equitable valuations for the ongoing concern.

The valuation report clearly and objectively outlined the valuation of the business from well accepted and rational perspectives. The bad news is that the owner’s expectations did not align with the valuation. It became clear that an agreement on a financeable level of consideration would not be possible.

The good news is that the client did not overpay for a business that would not support the asking price. In addition, the entire process was handled in a professional way that solidified, rather than eroded, the client’s leadership position in the business and he remained effectively and prosperously employed.

Saying Good-Bye – Carefully

A business leader had a significant problem with a long term employee (22 years, almost like a member of the family!) who was no longer up to the task he had been assigned. The demands of the growing and changing business had outpaced the employee’s ability to continue to contribute. Coaching and development efforts were not successful. The question was not so much what to do with the employee, but how to terminate his employment in a way that was consistent with the values of the CEO, while still being fair to the employee and the rest of the organization.

The situation was fully evaluated and a plan was outlined that met the agendas of all involved. A few days later, the plan was refined and, working with Charlie and the HR person in the organization, details were completed from the ongoing support program to the agenda for the exit interviews.

When the plan was implemented, things went as well as could be expected, and a difficult situation was handled effectively. The business owner reported that Charlie’s guidance helped to avoid several mistakes and saved costly downsides both in a monetary sense and in terms of the exit of a veteran employee. The employee remains a friend of the business and the owner.

What Our Clients Are Saying 


“Charlie, thank you for, once again, facilitating our strategic planning session. The energy, insight and efficiency you brought to the process has made it a huge success for the prospects of future growth for our Company.  Our team has given you high marks and request that you facilitate our upcoming quarterly sessions.  I will be in contact with you shortly to schedule the remainder of this year’s events.”


Matt Clark

President, CEO, TMC Services, Inc.

“Working with Charlie helped me focus on our strategic agenda balancing the distractions of the day-to-day activities that diluted my efforts.  As a result, I was able to more clearly see the potential of the business and make appropriate decisions in a timely manner.”


Peter Lemay

CEO, KEAconsulting, LLC

“Charlie has an incredible way of asking unassuming questions to help you examine your strategy and approach to an issue. He shines a light on the most important things that, as entrepreneurs, we tend to sometimes forget or even purposefully ignore. Charlie helped me make some of the most important decisions that shaped the course of our success over several years and most importantly, helped me avoid some potentially damaging mistakes.”

Art Papas

, Bullhorn Inc.

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